Liebe Leser,


“The London Daily Telegraph” machte am Wochenende eine wichtige Meldung, die hier in den Vereinigten Staaten beinah unbeachtet blieb:

“Eine zehn Jahre dauernde Untersuchung, die von der World Health Organization {WHO} ueberwacht wurde und 20 Millionen Pound Sterling kostete, wird Beweise veroeffentlichen, dass haeufige Handynutzer ein groesseres Risiko eingehen, nach einiger Zeit Gehirntumore zu entwickeln”, kann The Daily Telegraph bekannt geben.

Die Schlussfolgerung, obwohl noch nicht definitiv, unterminiert die
Zusicherungen der Regierung, dass die Geraete unschadlich sind und wird die Minister unter Druck setzen, genauere Richtlinien zu geben.

Eine vorlaeufige Aufschluesselung der Resultate fand in manchen Studien ein “bedeutend verstaerktes Risiko, an gewissen Gehirntumoren zu erkranken, wenn Mobiltelefone ueber eine Zeitperiode von 10 oder mehr Jahren benutzt werden…….

Die Veroeffentlichung des Papiers, das teilweise von der Industrie finanziert worden ist, hat sich verzoegert, weil die Autoren sich uneinig darueber waren, wie sie die Schluesse praesentieren sollten. Aber nun sind diese an ein wissenschaftliches Journal weitergeleitet worden, das sie vor Jahresende veroeffentlichen wird.
Hier anklicken:

Anm. des Herausgebers: Dies ist enorm. Endlich wird auf internationaler Ebene zugegeben, was die Leser der “Korner” schon jahrelang gewusst haben.
Wenn man betrachtet, wieviele Handys heutzutage in Gebrauch sind, koennte diese Story groesser werden als jene ueber das Wissen der riesigen Zigarettenindustrie, die jahrzehntelang verschwiegen hatte, dass ihre Produkte suechtigmachende Krebserreger enthielten!
link here

“Jedermann ist unwissend, eben nur ueber unterschiedliche Dinge”.

Will Rogers (1879-1935)
US Humorist und Showmann
The Will Rogers Memorial Museum: Hier anklicken
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Dear Readers;


The London Daily Telegraph broke an important story over the weekend that has received scarce coverage here in the United States:

"A £20million, decade-long investigation overseen by the World Health Organisation (WHO) will publish evidence that heavy users face a higher risk of developing brain tumours later in life, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The conclusion, while not definitive, will undermine assurances from the government that the devices are safe and is expected to put ministers under pressure to issue stronger guidance.

A preliminary breakdown of the results found a “significantly increased risk” of some brain tumours “related to use of mobile phones for a period of 10 years or more” in some studies....

The final paper, funded partly by the industry, has been delayed as its authors argued over how to present the conclusions. But it has been sent to a scientific journal and will be published before the end of the year.
link here

Ed. Note: This is huge! Finally, a world body is admitting what Korner readers have known for years.
With all of the cell phones in use today, this story could end up topping the whopping cigarette industry's clandestine knowledge for decades that their products were addictive carcinogens!

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects."

Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
US humorist & showman
More from The Will Rogers Memorial Museum: link here

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"It’s time to change the hands of clocks again as Daylight saving time will end at 2:00 a.m. of Nov. 1, 2009," from The Next Reporter. link here

Most of the USA will turn their clocks back one hour when retiring this Saturday night, Happy Halloween!

"Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on a woman who "dies" of a heart attack, "sees" her rescuers and lives to tell about it," quoting CNN. link here

"John Kanzius fought his leukemia head on, inventing a machine that may someday offer effective treatment for cancers without the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Lesley Stahl reports," on CBS News 60 Minutes aired on October 18, 2009. link here

An excellent expose on Houston's M. D. Anderson Cancer Clinic
In the New York Times:
link here

"Adults with little Internet experience show changes in their brain activity after just one week online, a new study finds.

The results suggest Internet training can stimulate neural activation patterns and could potentially enhance brain function and cognition in older adults.

As the brain ages, a number of structural and functional changes occur, including atrophy, or decay, reductions in cell activity and increases in complex things like deposits of amyloid plaques and tau tangles, which can impact cognitive function...

'We found that for older people with minimal experience, performing Internet searches for even a relatively short period of time can change brain activity patterns and enhance function,' Dr. Gary Small, study author and professor of psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, said in a statement," quoting LiveScience.
link here

"They seem an unlikely match, but magicians and neuroscientists are pairing up to share their knowledge and learn more about the workings of the human mind.

At the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago on Saturday [Oct. 17], thousands of scientists gathered to watch magicians perform and then chat about attention, memory and perception.

'There is no better way to see how the mind works than to study how we can be deceived,' says Thomas Carew, president of the Society for Neuroscience.

Researchers say they hope what they glean from magicians will help them better understand, diagnose and treat certain cognitive illnesses.

'We are trying to develop with magicians an understanding of how they manipulate awareness, how they apply insights about cognition and perception to do that,' says Stephen Macknik, director of the Laboratory of Behavioral Neurophysiology at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, a conference presenter on the topic. 'We want to poach their powers and use them to increase brain discovery,'" quoting USA Today. link here

"A high-profile coalition of artists -- including the members of Pearl Jam, R.E.M. and the Roots -- demanded Thursday [Oct. 22] that the government release the names of all the songs that were blasted since 2002 at prisoners for hours, even days, on end, to try to coerce cooperation or as a method of punishment.

Dozens of musicians endorsed a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the National Security Archive, a Washington-based independent research institute, seeking the declassification of all records related to the use of music in interrogation practices. The artists also launched a formal protest of the use of music in conjunction with torture," quoting the Washington Post.
link here

"A mini coliseum is found at an ancient port just outside Rome. CNN's Paula Newton reports."
link here

"The Transition®- a street-legal airplane"
You gotta check this out: link here

"Explosions, scientists arrested for alleged terrorism, mysterious breakdowns — recently Cern’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has begun to look like the world’s most ill-fated experiment.

Is it really nothing more than bad luck or is there something weirder at work? Such speculation generally belongs to the lunatic fringe, but serious scientists have begun to suggest that the frequency of Cern’s accidents and problems is far more than a coincidence.

The LHC, they suggest, may be sabotaging itself from the future — twisting time to generate a series of scientific setbacks that will prevent the machine fulfilling its destiny...

This time, however, their ridicule has been rather muted — because the time travel idea has come from two distinguished physicists who have backed it with rigorous mathematics.

What Holger Bech Nielsen, of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, are suggesting is that the Higgs boson, the particle that physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be “abhorrent to nature”," quoting UK's Times. link here

"It sounds like something out of a fairy tale or a children's book, a community deep in the wild jungle of Colombia, cut off from society almost 40 years ago. Then, after the rest of the world turned their back on them, they suddenly take great interest as it turns out this community has found something the rest of the world needs. Energy. And not just a new supply source but something even better. They've figured out how to be sustainable without outside influence or resources, reports The New York Times," quoting Treehugger.
link here
This from the New York Times: link here

A. Swine Flu: H1N1
"Scott Pelley reports on the H1N1 flu - which is increasingly targeting young, healthy people - and how the government plans to fight the flu pandemic," which aired October 18, 2009 on CBS 60 Minutes:
link here

B. "Obama declares swine flu national emergency"
From the AP: link here

C. "Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians"
From Spiegel: link here

D. "First case of H1N1 flu confirmed in U.S. hog: USDA"
From Reuters: link here

E. "Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury"
From 2006 on YouTube and a good reminder for vaccines that contain mercury:
link here

F. "Don't Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine song) by Michael Adams"
From NaturalNews: link here

G. "ALERT: Special Swine Flu Update"
From Dr. Mercola: link here

H. "Autism and Vaccine"
By Tim O'Shea, DC: link here
And, Dr. O'Shea's website: link here
Dr. O'Shea's latets newsletter on the Swine Flu: link here

I. "CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated"
From mercola: link here

Always trust your own knowingness. The links are provided as information only and do not imply any advice or treatment regimens.

A. "Cosmic Rays Reaching Earth At Highest Level in 50 Years"
by Linda Moulton Howe: link here

B. "Climate concerns turn city's smell into cash cow"
From the AP: link here

C. "[Puget] Sound cars about to get plugged in"
"Driving: Federal project aims to build electric charging corridor"
From McClatchy's Tacoma News Tribune: link here

D. "Solar thermal desalination – front and forward technology to generate drinking water, based exclusively on salt water and solar energy."
From Mage Water Management: link here

E. "Map: a world of +4 degree Celsius"
"A new map illustrates what some of the impacts of a rise in global temperature of 4 degress Celsuis would be across the world," quoting The Ecologist.
link here

F. "Hawaii regulators approve first U.S. tuna farm"
"World's first facility to raise bigeye; pens in waters that are 1,300 feet deep"
From MSNBC: link here

G. "Electric car industry pulls in for quick charge at Microsoft"
From KING-5 TV NBC in Seattle: link here

A. "I volunteer at this school and teach film studies to the students. The school's creator, Dylan Kendal, wanted me to make a PSA type of promotional video to get the word out about Hollywood Arts. I held a workshop with a few students to help them streamline an idea and turn it into the concept for this video. This video was also acted in by actual Hollywood Arts students!" which was directed by Ron Moore, this writer's step-son. link here (7 min.)

Hollywood Media+Arts is a one-of-a-kind arts academy for homeless and foster care young people located in the heart of Hollywood. The Center offers classes in media, music and the commercial arts—giving young people a chance to learn about a variety of creative activities, sharpen their thinking skills and prepare them for jobs in the creative industries. Check them out when you get a chance: link here

B. "Michael Moore's Suggested Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now"
From Michael Moore: link here

C. Outstanding 2 minute video every American should see about the collapse of the USA's economy!
From YouTube: link here

D. "Ending death penalty could save US millions: study"
From France's AFP: link here

E. "What happens if the dollar crashes?"
"Trade wars could break out and overexposed banks could collapse"
From BusinessWeek: link here

F. "Hitler's Children is a film about the descendants of the most figures in the Nazi regime; men and women who were left with a legacy that permanently associates them with one oft he greatest crimes in history... How do they cope..."
Read more: link here

G. "A Woman's Nation"
"The founder of A Woman’s Nation, Maria Shriver is California’s first lady and co-hosts the annual Women’s Conference. She is an author and award-winning journalist best known for her work on NBC’s “Dateline.” Shriver is the mother of four children," on MSNBC.
link here

H. "Truth about the Fed"
"- from a comedian"
On Brasscheck: link here

I. The Warning on PBS
"In The Warning, veteran FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk unearths the hidden history of the nation's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression," quoting PBS. link here
View: link here

K. "Suze Orman Hails The "Debtors' Revolt" Movement (VIDEO)"
From the Huffington Post: link here

L. "Def Jam Poetry - Daniel Beaty 'Knock Knock'"
AMAZING! Won't you please take 2.5 minutes to hear this inspirational poem!
Posted on YouTube: link here
& Daniel on PBS! link here

M. Lindsay Williams who has spoken truth about the oil powers for 20 years with some new shocking & informative revelations
On Alex Jones: link here

A. "Geithner: U.S. must live within its means"
"Budget deficit for the fiscal year ended at historic $1.4 trillion"
From Reuters: link here

B. "Military Reverses Ban on Publicizing Fatal War Photos"
[Ed Note: About time the public can see the truth in body bags coming home, instead of just numbers!]
From CQ Politics: link here

C. "Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?"
"On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009," posted on YouTube. link here

D. "A Letter to Members of the US Military on Their Way to Afghanistan"
From Truthout: link here

E. "Documents in Bank of America Probe Show CEO Apparently Misled Federal Officials"
From Law.com: link here

F. "Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case of Wrongfully Detained Guantanamo Prisoners"
Ed. Note: About time! From Truthout: link here

G. Did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza?
Bill Moyers investigates on PBS: link here

H. The latest about October 25th
From Urban Survival, scroll to Fear Monday: link here
From 2012 Changes Are Now: link here

I. "Wall Street's Naked Swindle"
"A scheme to flood the market with counterfeit stocks helped kill Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers — and the feds have yet to bust the culprit"
From Rolling Stone Magazine: link here

J. "Dollar hits 14-month low against the euro"
"Currency tops psychologically significant $1.50 mark last done in Aug. 2008"
From MSNBC: link here

K. "Underground Bases"
On YouTube: link here
link here

L. "Bank failures top 100 for year; most since 1992"
"Soured real estate loans are seen as the main problem for troubled banks"
From the AP: link here

M. Ron Paul's book End the Fed:
link here

A. Ramtha appointed teacher Greg Simmons tells Beyond the Ordinary internet radio "how he mastered the cards in one month, just in time to give his first public demonstration at the Romania event!"
link here then scroll down to Oct. 22nd,2009

B. New Books at RSE | Support RSE - Buy a book
link here

C. Listen Today To JZ Knight's Interview With Eldon Taylor on HayHouseRadio.com
link here
JZ's interview here:
link here

D. RSE students learn & demonstrate use of the mind - consistently:
link here

E. RSE T-shirt Contest! | Express your creativity and show us your talents!
link here

F. RSE Follow Ups Worldwide
link here

G. The Children's School of Excellence (CSE) has planned a special wine tasting dinner event at Basilico Ristorante Italiano in Olympia. Tickets on sale in the school office, 360-446-1100, with 40% of the proceeds benefiting CSE: link here

H. Auction For A Session With Ramtha at the Yelm Follow-ups
link here

I. We are a talented student body! RSE student Kathy Soroka sang in a Gala Mozart Festival concert, with pianist Eric Siepkes, violinist Akiko Kobayashi, tenor Arturo Martin, clarinetist Susanne Ortner Roberts and pianist Tom Roberts October 24th in Foxburg, Pennsylvania's Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts . Scroll down and read all about Kathy's work! link here

J. Congratulations are also in order to Renee Webb for winning The National "Best Books 2009" Awards
The book, Journey to My Master Teacher, compiled by Dr. Renee Webb has been honored as a "Finalist" in the "Spirituality: Inspirational" category! A major publicity campaign announcing the award results is already underway and will continue throughout the holidays. Ms. Webb was also encouraged to promote her award to media and company contacts. link here
Checkout Renee's website and to find out more & to order her book: link here

K. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors - The Hottest, Sexiest, Perfume In The Country Now At JZ Rose
link here

L. Ramtha shared in South Africa that all energy is waves carrying information & as an example, lightning carries information to Terra. Here are some great pictures of that occurance:
link here

M. Master of Cards Kenny Thompson is requesting your assistance in focusing healing energies on his stepfather Ralph, a man he calls "the sweetest man in the world" who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The family has requested the medical team hold off chemo for a few days to allow Ralph's healing to occur. Kenny says, "See him done with this." link here

N. Word has reached the Korner that dear sweet octogenarian Adele Tobe, the seasoned lady that has not missed a beat and does her Walk & Fieldwork with a cane, also has cancer.
Your focus is appreciated & if you wish to make a monetary contribution, contact The Masters' Fund: link here

O. A heartfelt request for your assistance from Yvonne Lebron, Office Administrator at the Children’s School of Excellence. She has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which has spread into the lymph nodes.
A Letter from Yvonne Leberon: link here
Remember The Masters' Fund: link here

A. Prominent citizen asks me why I find so much dirt here
B. The Olympian & this blog support County Commissioner Valenzuela in election
C. Home prices expected to fall nationally 11% - trim local revenue forecasts
D. Ramtha's students learn & demonstrate use the mind - consistently
E. Nisqually Valley News misrepresents this writer's views - again!
F. October 24th - Int'l Day of Climate Action - Local Events
G. County Commissioner Coffee Open House in Yelm on health issues
H. Sebastian's best Fall offerings - grand meals for your home
link here

"Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases.
Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants;
electric light the most efficient policeman..."
Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941)
from Other People's Money - and How the Bankers Use It, (1914)
complete text from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Published in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.

Louisville, KY born U. S. Supreme Court Justice from 1916 to 1939
helped develop the "right to privacy" concept...
His case opinions were, according to legal scholars, some of the “greatest defenses” of freedom of speech and the right to privacy ever written by a member of the high court."
He helped create the Federal Reserve System... felt that "the banking system needed to be democratized and its currency issued and controlled by the government."
From Wikipedia: link here

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Wo große Geister zusammenkommen


“Es ist wieder Zeit, die Uhrzeiger umzustellen, denn Sommerzeit (Daylight saving time) endet am 1. November 2009 um 2 Uhr morgens”, von The Next Reporter.

Die meisten Einwohner der USA werden ihre Uhren eine Stunde zurückstellen, bevor sie am kommenden Samstag schlafen gehen. Happy Halloween!

“Dr. Sanjay Gupta berichtet von einer Frau, die an einem Herzanfall "stirbt", ihre Retter "sieht" und dies beschreiben konnte", CNN.

"In seinem Direktkampf gegen Leukämie erfand John Kanzius eine Maschine erfand, die vielleicht eines Tages Krebskranke wirksam behandeln wird, ohne die Nebenwirkungen der Strahlen- und Chemotherapien", berichtet Lesley Stahl an CBS News 60 Minutes, am 18. Oktober 2009.

Ein ausgezeichnetes Exposee über M. D. Anderson Krebs Klinik in Houston.
Aus der New York Times:

"Veränderungen in Gehirnaktivitäten bei Erwachsenen mit wenig Internet-Erfahrung zeigen sich schon nach einer Woche online, berichtet eine neue Studie.

Die Resultate deuten an, dass das Internet-Training neuronale Aktivierungsmuster stimuliert und möglicherweise die Gehirnfunktionen und Wahrnehmungen älterer Erwachsenen erhöhen kann.

Im alternden Gehirn findet eine Anzahl von strukturellen und funktionellen Veränderungen statt, einschließlich Atrophie, oder Verfall, Verringerung der Zellaktivitäten und Zunahme von komplexen Dingen wie Ablagerungen von Amyloid Belag und tau tangles, die eine Einwirkung auf kognitive Funktionen haben können....

"Wir stellten fest, dass ältere Menschen mit minimaler Erfahrung sogar nach relativ kurzen Internetsuchen ihre Hirnaktivitätsmuster ändern und deren Funktionen verbessern können", berichtet Dr. Gary Small, Author der Studie und Professor der Psychiatrie am Semel Institut für Neurowissenschaft und Menschliches Verhalten an der UCLA, laut LiveSience.

"Sie scheinen nicht zusammenzupassen, aber Zauberkünstler und Neurowissenschaftler treffen sich um Wissen miteinander auszutauschen, damit sie das Funktionieren des menschlichen Verstandes besser verstehen können.

Bei der jährlichen Zusammenkunft der Society for Neuroscience in Chicago am Sonnabend (17. Okt.) versammelten sich Tausende von Wissenschaftlern, um den Zauberkünstlern zuzuschauen und danach über Aufmerksamkeitsspanne, Erinnerungsvermögen und Wahrnehmung zu plaudern.

"Die beste Art und Weise, zu erkennen wie der Verstand funktioniert ist zu studieren, wie wir uns täuschen lassen", sagt Thomas Carew, Präsident der Gesellschaft für Neuroscience.

Die Forscher sagen, dass das, was sie sich von den Zauberkünstlern abgucken können, ihnen dabei helfen wird, gewisse kognitive Krankheiten besser zu verstehen, zu diagnostizieren und zu behandeln.

"Wir versuchen herauszubekommen, wie Zauberkünstler das Bewusstsein manipulieren, welche Erkenntnisse über Wahrnehmung und Auffassungsvermögen sie dabei anwenden", sagt Stephen Macknik, Direktor des Laboratory of Behavioral Neurophysiologie am Barrow Neurological Institute in Phönix, der während der Konferenz über dieses Thema sprach. "Wir wollen ihnen ihre Macht stehlen und dazu verwenden, das Gehirn besser zu verstehen". USA Today.

"Eine Koalition gutbekannter Sänger -- einschließlich Mitgliedern der Pearl Jam, R.E.M. und Roots --- verlangten am Donnerstag (22. Okt.) die Freigabe der Titel all jener Songs, die Gefangenen seit 2002 stundenlang, sogar tagelang fortwährend in die Ohren gedröhnt wurden, in dem Versuch, ihre Kooperation zu erzwingen, oder als Strafmethode.

Dutzende von Musikern unterzeichneten ein Freedom of Information Act Gesuch, eingereicht vom National Security Archive, einem unabhängigen Forschungsinstitut in Washington, für die Freigabe all jener Aufzeichnungen, die sich auf den Gebrauch von Musik bei Verhören bezogen. Die Musiker gaben auch einen formalen Protest ab, der sich gegen die Verwendung von Musik im Zusammenhang mit Folter richtete", Washington Post.

"Ein Mini-Koliseum wurde direkt außerhalb von Rom in einem uralten Hafen gefunden. CNN Bericht von Paula Newton".

"The Transition" (der Übergang) - ein legales Straßenflugzeug.
Das muss man gesehen haben:

"Explosionen, wegen angeblicher Terroranschläge festgenommene Wissenschaftler, mysteriöse Zusammenbrüche - in letzter Zeit hat CERNS Large Hadron Collider (LHC) begonnen, wie das unglückseligste Experiment der ganzen Welt auszusehen.

Ist es wirklich nur Pech oder passieren da seltsame Sachen? Solche Vermutungen gehören im Allgemeinen in den Bereich "arme Irre, aber jetzt haben ernsthafte Wissenschaftler vorgeschlagen, dass die Häufigkeit der Unfälle und Probleme an der CERN ausgesprochen mehr als Zufälle sein können.

Sie vermuten, dass sich der LHC vielleicht selbst aus der Zukunft sabotiert, dass er die Zeit verzerrt und eine Reihe wissenschaftlicher Rückschläge erzeugt, die die Maschine daran hindern werden, ihre Bestimmung zu erfüllen....

Diesmal war der Spott der anderen Wissenschaftgler allerdings eher gedämpft, weil die Zeitreisen-Idee von zwei namhaften Physikern stammt, die sie mathematisch klar untermauern konnten.

Holger Bech Nielsen vom Niels Bohr Institut in Kopenhagen und Masao Ninomiya vom Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto schlagen vor, dass das Higgs boson, jener Partikel, den die Physiker mit dem Collider produzieren wollen, der Natur zuwider sein könne", aus der UK Times.

"Es klingt wie ein Märchen oder eine Kindergeschichte - eine Gemeinschaft tief im wilden Dschungel Kolumbiens, die beinahe 40 Jahren von der Gesellschaft abgeschnitten lebt. Aber dann, nachdem der Rest der Welt ihr den Rücken zugekehrt hatte, zeigte sie plötzlich großes Interesse an ihr, denn es stellte sich heraus, dass diese Gemeinschaft etwas gefunden hatte, welches der Rest der Welt benötigt: Energie. Und nicht nur eine neue Energiequelle, sondern etwas Besseres. Die Menschen dort haben herausbekommen, wie sie ihre Ressourcen kontinuierlich erneuern können, ohne äußere Einflüsse oder andere Ressourcen, berichtet The New York Times", Treehugger:
Dies von der New York Times:

A. Schweinegrippe: H1N1
"Scott Pellez berichtet über die H1N1 Grippe, an der mehr und mehr junge, gesunde Menschen erkranken - und darüber, welche Pläne die Regierung hat, gegen die Grippenpandemie anzukämpfen", gesendet von CBS 60 Minutes am 18. Oktober 2009:

B. "Obama erklärt die Schweinegrippe nationalen Notstand ".
Von AP:

C. "Deutsche unzufrieden wegen Alternativimpfungen gegen Schweinegrippe für Politiker".
Aus dem Spiegel:

D. "Der erste Fall eines an H1N1 erkrankten U.S. Schweines ist nun bestätigt worden: USDA"

E. "Gehirnneuronendegeneration durch Quecksilber"
Aus YouTube 2006, und eine gute Gedächtnisstütze darüber, dass Impfstoffe Quecksilber enthalten:

F. "Spritz mir nichts ein (der Schweinegrippenimpfsong) von Michael Adams", Naturalnews:

G. "Achtung: Neuste Nachrichten über Schweinegrippe"
Von Dr. Mercola:

H. "Autismus und Impfstoffe"
Von Tim O´Shea, DC:
And, Dr. O´Sheas Webseite:
Dr. O´Sheas neustes Newsletter über die Schweinegrippe:

I. "CBS deckt auf, dass Schweinegrippenfälle stark überschätzt worden sind"

Vertraue immer deinem eigenen inneren Wissen. Die links sollen nur Informationen weitergeben, nicht beraten oder Behandlungsmaßnahmen andeuten.....

A. "Es ist 50 Jahre her seit die Erde eine solche Vielzahl von Strahlen aus dem Kosmos erhielt"
von Linda Moulton Howe:

B. "Klimaprobleme machen Cashflow aus Stadtgerüchen"

C. "Kraftwagen im Puget Sound können sich bald einstöpseln"
"Autofahren: Bundesbehördenprojekt beabsichtigt den Bau eines Korridors, wo Elektrizität aufgeladen werden kann"
Aus McClatchys Tacome News Tribune:

D. "Entsalzung durch Solarkraft - neuste und fortschrittlichste Technologie zur Herstellung von Trinkwasser, die ausschließlich auf Salzwasser und Solarenergie beruht".
Mage Water Management:

E. "Landkarte: eine Welt, die um +4 Grad Celsius wärmer ist"
"Eine neue Weltkarte illustriert einige der Auswirkungen, die durch eine weltweite Temperaturerhöhung von +4 Grad Celsius entstehen würden", The Ecologist:

F. Behörde in Hawaii genehmigt die erste U.S Thunfischfarm"
Die erste Zuchtanlage in der Welt für Bigeye; die Behälter im Wasser sind 1,300 m tief"

G. "Elektroautoindustrie Microsoft
KING-5 TVNBC in Seattle:

A. "Ich arbeite als Freiwilliger an dieser Schule und lehre die Schüler wie man Filme macht. Der Schulgründer, Dylan Kendal, wollte dass ich ein Promovideo für Eltern und Schüler mache, dass von der Hollywoodkunst handelt. Ich hielt einen Workshop für ein paar Schüler ab, um ihnen zu helfen, die Idee zu rationalisieren, als Konzept für dieses Video. Die Rollen in diesem Video sind von wirklichen Hollywoodschauspielschülern besetzt!" Direktor war Ron Moore, Stiefsohn dieses Schreibers. Hier anklicken: (7 Minuten).

Hollywoods "Media+Arts " ist eine einzigartige Kunstakademie für obdachlose junge Menschen und solche in Pflegeheimen. Es befindet sich im Herzen Hollywoods. Das Zentrum bietet Klassen an über Medien, Musik, Werbegrafik und gibt jungen Leuten eine Chance, verschiedene kreative Aktivitäten zu erlernen, ihre Denkfähigkeit zu verbessern und sie für Jobs im kreativen Sektor vorzubereiten. Schaut´s euch mal an bei Gelegenheit: hier anklicken

B. "Michael Moore schlägt einen Aktionsplan vor: 15 Dinge, die jeder Amerikaner sofort tun kann!"
Von Michael Moore:

C. Hervorragendes 2 Minuten langes Video über den wirtschaftlichen Zusammenbruch der USA, das jeder Amerikaner sehen sollte.

D. "Ohne die Todesstrafe könnten die US Millionen einsparen: Studie"
Frankreichs AFP:

E. "Was würde passieren wenn der Dollar Pleite machen würde?"
Handelskriege könnten aus- und Banken zusammenbrechen"

F. "Hitlers Children ist ein Film über die Abkömmlinge prominenter Führer des Nazi Regimes; Männer und Frauen, deren Vermächtnis es ist, permanent mit einem der größten Verbrechen der Geschichte assoziiert zu werden.....Wie gehen sie damit um...."
Lies mehr:

G. "Die Nation einer Frau"
"Die Gründerin von A Woman´s Nation, Maria Shriver, ist die First Lady Kaliforniens und Mit-Gastgeberin der jährlichen Frauen-Konferenz. Sie ist Autorin und preisgekrönte Journalistin für ihre Arbeit bei NBC´s "Dateline". Shriver ist Mutter von vier Kindern",
MSNBC. hier anklicken:

H. "Die Wahrheit über die Fed"
" - von einem Kommödianten"

I. "Die Warnung" im PBS
"In Der Warnung hat der altbekannte Schauspieler und Produzent Michael Kirk die verborgene Geschichte der schlimmsten finanziellen Krise der Nation seit der Großen Depression ausgegraben", PBS:

K. "Suze Orman bejubelt Die Schuldners Revolte-Bewegung (VIDEO)"
Huffington Post:

L. "Def Jam Poesie - Daniel Beaty "Knock Knock"
ERSTAUNLICH! Bitte nehmt euch 2.5 Minuten Zeit für dieses inspirierende Gedicht!
& Daniel im PBS!:

M. Lindsay Williams, der seit 20 Jahren Wahrheiten über die Ölmächte ausgesprochen hat, hat einige neue schockierende und informationsreiche Enthüllungen
Alex Jones:

A. "Geithner: Die U.S. muss innerhalb ihrer Mittel leben"
"Das Geschäftsjahr endete mit einem Budgetdefizit von historischen $1.4 Trillion"

B. "Die Militärbehörde erlaubt Veröffentlichung der Kriegsfotos von Toten"
(Anm. d. Schreibers: Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Öffentlichkeit die Wahrheit in Form von zurückkehrenden Leichensäcken zu sehen bekommt, anstatt lediglich Zahlen!)
CQ Politics:

C. "Ist Obama bereit, U.S. Souveränität aufzugeben?"
"Am 14. Oktober in St. Paul, MN machte Lord Christopher Monckton eine Präsentation über die globale Erwärmung. In diesem 4-minütigen Ausschnitt der Ansprache warnt er alle Amerikaner vor katastrophalen Folgen bezüglich des Vertrags über Klimaveränderungen, der im Dezember 2009 in Kopenhagen unterzeichnet werden soll". YouTube:

D. "Ein Brief an Mitglieder des U.S. Militärs auf dem Weg nach Afghanistan"

E. "Dokumente bei einer der Bank of America - Eine Untersuchung zeigt, dass scheinbar die CEO die Regierungsbeamten in die Irre geführt hatten"

F. Der Höchste Gerichtshof wird sich mit dem Fall der zu Unrecht gefangengesetzten Guantanamo Gefangenen befassen"
Anm. des Schreibers: Es wird auch langsam Zeit!

G. Hat Israel Kriegsverbrechen in Gaza verübt?
Bill Moyers investigiert, PBS:

H. Das Neuste über den 25. Oktober
Urban Survival, vorrollen bis Fear Monday:
2012 Changes are Now:

I. "Wall Streets Nackter Schwindel"
Die Idee, den Markt mit gefälschten Aktien zu überschwemmen half, Bear Stearns und Lehmann Brothers den Garaus zu machen - und die Regierung hat den Schuldigen immer noch nicht festgenommen"
Rolling Stone Magazine:

J. "Seit 14 Monaten steht der Dollar niedriger als der Euro"
"Die US Währung übersteigt die psychologisch bedeutsame $1.50 Grenze. So niedrig lag der Dollar das letzte Mal im August 2008"

K. "Stationen unter der Erde"
hier anklicken

L. "Mehr als 100 Banken versagten dieses Jahr; seit 1992 die größte Anzahl"
Hauptproblem der wackelnden Banken scheinen die unbezahlten Immobiliendarlehen zu sein"

M. Ron Pauls Buch End the Fed: hier anklicken

A. Der von Ramtha ernannte Lehrer Greg Simmons erzählt im Beyond the Ordinary Internet Radio "wie er die Karten innerhalb eines Monats meisterte, genau rechtzeitig für seine erste öffentliche Demonstration im Rumänien-Event!"
hier anklicken, dann herunterscrollen bis 22. Oktober, 2009

B. Neue Bücher in RSE. Unterstützt RSE - kauft ein Buch!
hier anklicken

C. Hört euch heute das Interview an, das JZ Eldon Taylor gibt, an HayHouseRadio.com
JZs Interview hier:

D. RSE Schüler lernen und demonstrieren Mind kontinuierlich: hier anklicken

E. RSE T-shirt Wettbewerb. Nutzt eure Kreativität und zeigt uns eure Talente!
Hier anklicken:

F. RSE Follow-Ups in der ganzen Welt.
hier anklicken:

G. Die Children´s School of Excellence (CSE) hat ein Special Wine Tasting Dinner Event geplant, im Basilico Ristorante Italiano in Olympia. Tickets im Schulbüro, 360-446-1100, wobei 40% des Erlöses CSE zukommen soll. hier anklicken:

H. Auktion für eine Session mit Ramtha während des Yelm Follow-Ups
link here:

I. Wir haben eine talentierte Schülerschaft! RSE Schülerin Kathy Soroka sang in einem Gala Mozart Festival Konzert, mit Pianist Eric Siepkes, Violinistin Aiko Robayashi, Tenor Arturo Martin, Klarinettistin Susanne Ortner Roberts und Pianist Tom Roberts am 24. Oktober in Foxburg, PennsylvaniasAllegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts. Scroll herunter und lies alles über Kathys Werk! hier anklicken

J. Glückwünsche an Renee Webb für die Verleihung des US "Best Book Award 2009.
Das Buch, Die Reise zu meinem Meister Lehrer, zusammengestellt von Dr. Renee Webb, war "Finalist" in der Sparte Inspirierende Spiritualität! Eine große Publizitätskampagne ist über die Verleihung des Preises ist bereits im Gange und wird während der Feiertage weitergeführt werden. Ms. Webb ist auch ermutigt worden, die Information ihrer Preisverleihung an die Medien und Gesellschaftskontakte weiterzugeben. hier anklicken:
geht zu Renees Webseite, um mehr herauszufinden & um ihr Buch zu bestellen: hier anklicken

K. Very Hollywood von Michael Kors - das heißeste, verführerischste Parfüm In The Country Now, bei JZ Rose.
hier anklicken:

L. Ramtha lehrte in Südafrika, dass Energie Wellen sind, die Informationen enthalten. Z. B. bringen Blitze Informationen zu Terra. Hier sind ein paar großartige Bilder darüber: hier anklicken

M. Kenny Thompson, Meister der Karten, bittet um eure Hilfe, seinem Stiefvater Ralph heilende Energie zu schicken. Er nennt ihn "den süssesten Mann in der ganzen Welt" - seine Krankheit ist als Lungenkrebs diagnostiziert worden. Die Familie hat die Ärzte gebeten, mit der Chemobehandlung ein paar Tage zu warten, damit Ralphs Heilung stattfinden kann. Kenny sagt dazu: "Seht ihn so, dass er die Sache schon erledigt hat". hier anklicken:

N. Die Korner hat gehört, dass die liebe süße Achtzigerin Adele Tobe, die Lady, die viel erfahren hat und nichts versäumt, die Walk und Feldarbeit trotz Krückstock mitmacht, auch Krebs hat.
Euer Fokus wird dankbar angenommen und wenn ihr eine Geldspende machen wollt, kontaktiert The Masters´ Fund. hier anklicken:

O. Eine herzliche Bitte, Yvonne Lebron zu helfen. Sie ist Büroleiterin an der Children´s School of Excellence. Man hat bei ihr vor kurzem Brustkrebs festgestellt, der schon in die Lymphen übergegangen ist.
Ein Brief von Yvonne Leberon: hier anklicken
Vergesst nicht den Masters´ Fund: hier anklicken

A. Prominenter Bürger fragt mich, warum ich so viel zu mäkeln habe
B. The Olympian (Zeitung) & dieser Blog unterstützen County Commissioner Valenzuela bei den Wahlen
C. Man erwartet dass die Preise von Privathäusern im ganzen Land 11% fallen werden
D. Ramthaschüler lernen und demonstrieren Mind - kontinuierlich
E. Nisqually Valley News hat schon wieder die Ansichten dieses Schreibers falsch dargestellt!
F. 24. Oktober - Internationaler Tag für Klima Aktion - Lokale Events
G. County Commisioner Kaffee Open House in Yelm über Gesundheitsthemen
H. Sebastians beste Herbstangebote - großartige Mahlzeiten für daheim
hier anklicken:

Publicity wird empfohlen als Heilmittel für soziale und industrielle Krankheiten;
Sonnenlicht sollen die besten Desinfektionsmittel sein.....
elektrisches Licht der tüchtigste Polizist....."
Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941)
aus Other People´s Money - and How Bankers Use It, (1914)
kompletter Text von Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Veröffentlicht in einem Harper´s Weekly Artikel "What Publicity Can Do.

Geboren in Louisville, KY, U.S. Supreme Court Justice von 1916 - 1939
half, das Konzept der privaten Rechte zu entwickeln.....
Laut Rechtsgelehrter waren seine Auffassungen "die größten Verteidigungen" in bezug auf Privatrechte und das Recht, seine Meinung zu äußern, "die jemals von einem Mitglied des Höchsten Gerichtshofs geschrieben wurden".
Er half, das Federal Reserve System zu kreieren.... glaubte, dass das Bankensystem demokratisiert werden müsse und dessen Währung von der Regierung herausgegeben und kontrolliert werden solle.

Kleiners Korner Copyright by Stephen R. Klein, 2009
hier anklicken für "Neustes Kleiners Korner und Archive"
hier anklicken
Kommentare an steve@kleinerskorner.com.

Dear Readers;

The USA observed the national holiday of Columbus Day on Monday, October 12th. Here is the history of that day, from the History Channel: link here

Nowhere have I been so touched by the charm, grace, sincerity and absolute beauty of the people as our visit last week to South Africa. My soul was moved by our experiences with the peoples, animals, flowers, trees, and air of South Africa. Thanks to all of you who read Kleiner's Korner and expressed gratitude there for this newsletter. I am the one in gratitude for your interest in my tomes & kind support.
I look forward to my return!

Steve Klein

Ed. Note: In a chillingly suspenseful story I could not put down, Dan Brown again displays his courage with his thorough research in bringing long "secret" knowledge to those who want to remove the veil from their eye and see truth in his "fiction".

Mr. Brown mentions in his book Noetic Sciences & Lynne McTaggart, long known to Ramtha School of Enlightenment students. link here

"Marilyn Schlitz, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, woke up one morning and realized she's the main character in Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol," from The Monroe Institute. link here

The Institute of Noetic Sciences: link here

The Intention Experiment - The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment...
Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment: link here

See a teaser of Dateline NBC's Matt Lauer interview with Dan Brown from October 16th:
link here

Get your copy of The Lost Symbol: link here

From the August 10th Kleiner's Korner:
“Webbot Cliff High and George Ure on Coast2Coast radio 7/21/09”
Ed. Note: I find this bang-on about our future!
From Coast to Coast AM: link here
Or on YouTube: link here

"Clif, creator of Adventures in Future Viewing AKA the Web Bot Project and the resulting ALTA 'asymetric language trend analysis' Reports. The method, technique used is based on radical linguistics that reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet, those words & phrases then go into a huge archetypical database, devised by Clif, a system of associations between words and 'emotional impact indicators' (applied numeric values to words, which are not static.) Complex calculations of the language enable them to project future events. Go to www.HalfPastHuman.com for a much better explanation of this amazing project," quoting Beyond the Ordinary. link here

Their predictions have been very specific, as mentioned on Coast2Coast:
- A big crisis is kicked off on October 25, 2009. It could be that Israel bombs Iran, or that Swine Flu goes into a level of extreme lethality. 10 days later, in relation to this crisis, the Obama administration will be thrown into chaos.

- The "Death of the Dollar" will be a continuing trend, with a hyper inflationary period in 2010, and banking crises/confidence losses that will begin in August 2009 and escalate by November 2009.

Clif previously mentioned "there will be some additional levels of [visibility] on October 10th through the 15th that will put a focus on the 'trigger' that will show on October 25th and beyond."

There have been specific actions of note in the period October 10-15 that include 5 days of record gold prices, a run-up in the price of oil and the DOW breaking 10,000 again [the DOW's meteoric rise coming a mere 12 months after the world entered what has been likened unto the Great Depression. Go figure.].

And this in The Silver Bear Cafe:
"Economic Collapse to Trigger Social Pandemonium"
link here

"The demise of the dollar"
"In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading"
From UK's Independent: link here

Stay tuned!

Editor's note: I have received many, many e-mails from readers asking why I have not covered the Swine Flu Vaccine issue. I have felt there is plenty of news in the mainstream on this subject. However, when I heard KIRO 93.7 FM radio talk show host Dori Monson in Seattle interview a "medical expert" a few weeks ago saying there is no more mercury in the thimerosal in swine flu vaccines than in the fish we eat, I finally said enough.
I only eat non-farm-raised fish from far northern Alaska waters, so why would I want to have ANY amount of the deadly toxin mercury in my body, regardless the supposedly "minuscule" amount in vaccines?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. brilliantly researched thimerosal relating to autism in his book "Deadly Immunity" & talked about the vaccine issue on MSNBC:
link here

This 2005 Rolling Stone article by Mr. Kennedy says it all & worth a repeat here now:
link here

And, originally published on Salon: link here

Mr. Kennedy's website: link here

Other news stories in recent days on the Swine Flue Vaccine issue:
A. "Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine"
From KOMO-TV 4, ABC in Seattle: link here

B. "Flu Shot Permanently Disables Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings"
From Fox-TV posted on YouTube: link here

C. "Hearing ordered on H1N1 vaccine rule for NY nurses"
From Newsday: link here

D. "Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent"
From NaturalNews: link here

E. "[Former State Senator in WA. State] Rasmussen addresses Graham [WA.] concerns on food safety and flu vaccinations"
From my local colleague Bruce Smith in The Dispatch News: link here

These links courtesy of the Survival Center Newsletter.
America's Premier Preparedness Center
In Continuous Operation Since the early 1970's
Supplier of Family Preparedness, Health, and Survival Supplies
We have the knowledge and experience. Call the Experts at 1-800-321-2900

Great suggestions on their site to protect you and your family:
link here

"Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media"
From Natural News: link here

As always, trust your OWN knowingness and discernment!

"The rocket that NASA aimed at the Moon last week did not produce the public relations bonanza the agency was hoping for--a cloud of dust visible to amateur earth astronomers. But early accounts suggest the explosions did produce a wealth of scientific data on the presence and distribution of water-ice in the dust, which is an important practical factor if humans are ever to spend much time there. The presence of accessible lunar water would mean not having to haul all our own H2O out of Earth's deep gravity well," quoting Forbes. link here

And the view from Europa -
From UK's Guardian: link here

"Moon crash produces much data, little drama"
"Scientists analyze readings sent back from impact for signs of water ice"
From MSNBC: link here

"By breaking the human genome into millions of pieces and reverse-engineering their arrangement, researchers have produced the highest-resolution picture ever of the genome’s three-dimensional structure.

The picture is one of mind-blowing fractal glory, and the technique could help scientists investigate how the very shape of the genome, and not just its DNA content, affects human development and disease.

'It’s become clear that the spatial organization of chromosomes is critical for regulating the genome,' said study co-author Job Dekker, a molecular biologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 'This opens up new aspects of gene regulation that weren’t open to investigation before. It’s going to lead to a lot of new questions,'” from WIRED.
link here

See the pictures: link here

"The much touted compound resveratrol shows some promise as a future treatment for type 2 diabetes, but drinking wine or taking resveratrol supplements isn't likely to do diabetic people much good, researchers say.

Resveratrol, found in red wine, was found to lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin levels when injected directly into the brains of mice fed very high-calorie diets in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW).

The finding suggests that the brain plays a key role in resveratrol's
beneficial effect on diabetes and that the benefits may occur independently of diet and body weight.

If this is true, new type 2 diabetes treatments targeting the brain may be possible, lead researcher Roberto Coppari, PhD, tells WebMD," quoting CBS News.
link here

A. "New Zealand pig cell transplant successful"
From Stuff of New Zealand: link here

B. "First Direct Evidence: Instability is the Normal State of the Brain’s Cortex"
From Mental health Social Worker: link here

C. "Gut worms protect against allergy"
From the BBC: link here

D. "Aging heart can be prevented, say scientists"
From Reuters: link here

E. "Major Step Forward In Cell Reprogramming, Researchers Report"
From Science Daily: link here

F. "Cut yourself? Tribal remedy of sprinkling SUGAR on wound heals it faster
From UK's Daily Mail: link here

G. "Jaw bone created from stem cells"
From the BBC: link here

"Michelle Mack has turned medical thinking upside down.

Born with only half a brain, Mack can speak normally, graduated from high school and has an uncanny knack for dates.

At 27, doctors determined that the right side of her brain had essentially rewired itself to make up for function that was likely lost during a pre-birth stroke. But her childhood and young adult years were fraught with frustration," from CNN. link here

"Researchers have long known that people cling to their personal biases more tightly when feeling threatened. After thinking about their own inevitable death, they become more patriotic, more religious and less tolerant of outsiders, studies find. When insulted, they profess more loyalty to friends — and when told they’ve done poorly on a trivia test, they even identify more strongly with their school’s winning teams.

In a series of new papers, Dr. Proulx and Steven J. Heine, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, argue that these findings are variations on the same process: maintaining meaning, or coherence. The brain evolved to predict, and it does so by identifying patterns.

When those patterns break down — as when a hiker stumbles across an easy chair sitting deep in the woods, as if dropped from the sky — the brain gropes for something, anything that makes sense. It may retreat to a familiar ritual, like checking equipment. But it may also turn its attention outward, the researchers argue, and notice, say, a pattern in animal tracks that was previously hidden. The urge to find a coherent pattern makes it more likely that the brain will find one," quoting the New York Times. link here

"When the going gets tough, putting your head in the sand isn't always a bad idea. According to a new study, that's exactly how a group of animals living 250 million years ago survived the worst mass extinction of all time.

In a series of new fossil discoveries in South Africa, researchers have uncovered a slew of petrified burrows, many of them a foot wide and a meter (3.3 feet) or more deep.

Many of the shelters coincide with the end of the Permian era, a time when the region suddenly shifted from a moist, balmy river delta environment to parched, sweltering badlands...

But Roger Smith of the Iziko South African Museum in Capetown and Jennifer Botha of the South African National Museum believe that the pig-sized animal Lystrosaurus curvatus and several other species weathered the apocalypse by simply hiding underground. During the worst of the heat and dry season, they may have hibernated, and fossil skeletons show that multiple species sometimes shared the same burrow," quoting the Discovery Channel. HMMM!
link here

"Barbra Streisand scored her ninth No. 1 album on the U.S. pop chart on Wednesday [Oct. 7] with a jazz release that overshadowed high-profile releases by some much-younger artists.

Streisand's "Love Is the Answer," her first studio recording in four years, sold 180,000 copies during the week ending October 4, according to her Columbia Records label, a unit of Sony Corp...

The crown had been expected to go to pop-rock band Paramore, which settled for a close No. 2 with sales of 175,000 for "Brand New Eyes."...

Streisand extended her lead as the female act with the most No. 1 releases on the Billboard 200. She also became the first artist to top the chart in five consecutive decades.

'You'd think that getting the news that you've been Number One in five consecutive decades would make you feel old, but this makes me feel young,' Streisand said in a statement.

At 67, she also is the second-oldest living artist to top the U.S. chart. The record was set earlier this year by her labelmate Bob Dylan, who is 11 months her senior," from Reuters.
[Ed. Note: My hat is off to the talent of our seasoned performers!
And, you just gotta check-out this smashing performance by another seasoned veteran of the stage, Glenn Close from Sunset Blvd.
Anyone who has seen this play knows Ms. Close's depth of interpretation is pure genius.
link here ]
The Streisand story: link here

A. "Left Eye Productions is dedicated to producing quality wildlife and nature imagery of an ever shrinking and changing natural world in the face of climate change." link here
Check-out these amazing Global Warming pictures: link here

B. "Heroes of the Environment 2009"
From TIME Magazine: link here

C. "Guest column: A long way to go for for electric mobility"
From London's Financial Times: link here

D. "Alternatives: Bright future for sun and sea power"
From London's Financial Times: link here

E. "Here's How to Stop Using Toilet Paper and Save Water, Trees and Energy
"Making a roll of toilet paper uses 1.5 pounds of wood, 37 gallons of water and 1.3 KWh of electricity."
From AlterNet: link here

F. "BIODIVERSITY: Dwindling Fish Catch Could Leave a Billion Hungry"
From IPS: link here

G. "Bush-era EPA document on climate change released"
"The 2007 draft suppressed until now calls for regulation of greenhouse gases, citing global warming as a serious risk to the U.S. A finding by the Obama administration is nearly identical."
[Ed. Note: Bush should go to jail for this travesty & many others!]
From the LA Times: link here

I. "Can salmon evolve to survive among fish-killing dams?"
From The Oregonian: link here

J. "Wind power picks up in Wales"
Ed. Note: Unique wind generator
From MSNBC: link here

K. "Malawian boy uses wind to power hope, electrify village"
From CNN: link here

L. "'Imagineer' touts geothermal energy invention"
From CNN: link here

Oh my Gawd!
On YouTube: link here

B. "STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face Of New York"
From Newsweek: link here

C. "Red Tape: The dark side of an intrusive 'smart grid'"
From MSNBC: link here

D. "Perhaps one of the worst effects of financial greed was to deprive the world of more people like Norman Borlaug" [Ed. Note: A brilliant expose'!]
link here

E. "Recliners a bright spot in furniture industry"
"Recession keeps many Americans at home, and they want a bit of comfort"
From the AP: link here

F. "Protect your breasts — get your heart pumping
Studies reveal how much and what type of exercise prevents cancer"
On MSNBC: link here

G. "Rethinking Alzheimer's disease and its treatment targets"
"Psychiatry professor George Bartzokis introduces a new theory about the fundamental cause of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases."
From PhysOrg: link here

H. "NUTRITION MATTERS: Eat your way to optimum brain function"
From South Africa's Business Day: link here

A. "A fox guarding a Wall St hen house"
Eliot Spitzer in a fantastic interview on The Rachel Maddow Show: presented excellent insights
[Ed. Note: Regardless of his personal life, listen to Mr. Spitzer and see why he catapulted from Wall St. to the Albany, NY Governor's Office.]
From MSNBC: link here

B. "Obama must start punching harder"
From London's Financial Times: link here

C. "Obama Administration Accused Again of Concealing Bush-Era Crimes"
From Truthout: link here

D. "Truthout Interview With Ralph Nader: 'Only the Rich Can Save Us'"
link here

E. "Moody’s purged execs who questioned ratings"
"Profit motive: Probe shows that investment service’s lust for money compromised its ratings"
From McClatchy Newspapers: link here

F. "We The People Stimulus Package"
"Bob Basso author of "Common Sense" plays the role of Thomas Paine to ignite the fire of change in America." Ed. Note: Brilliantly executed with flawless logic!
From YouTube: link here

G. "What is the Day of Action?"
"We're calling on people around the world to organize an action on October 24 incorporating the number 350 at an iconic place in their community, and then upload a photo of their event to 350.org website," from the 24 October 2009 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTION website.
link here

H. "GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you."
link here

I. "Help Change the Message"
"...the Trevor Project - Help end gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender related violence and suicide." Ed. Note: very touching video.
From YouTube: link here
The Trevor Project: link here

A. RSE Publishing Jaime Leal-Anaya at Conference in Ecuador
link here

B. Rse Auctions.com | New Session Added! - Log in today.
New auction ends Oct. 21: link here

C. Colombia Intro Evening - Open to the public Oct. 24th
link here

D. Blue College Follow Up Invitation
link here

F. RSE Follow-Ups Worldwide
link here

G. Halloween Greetings from JZ-Rose.com
link here

H. Katherine's Collection Christmas at JZ Rose
link here

I. Halloween Greetings from JZ-Rose.com
link here

J. Christmas at JZ Rose - Katherine's Collection 35% Off
link here

K. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment Presents Self Determination - Streaming Event With Ramtha - Oct 17 link here

L. Ramtha TV Streaming Events! | Log In today
link here

M. The Center for Creative Arts in Rainier presents VANDA in a benefit for CSE Oct. 22nd:
link here

N. Juliette Has a Gun at JZ Rose!
link here

O. An Interview With Jamie Honey - THE FUNPRO
In MastersConnection: link here

P. Stephany Ray has announced MastersConnection is for sale.
For more information, please contact us through: contact@mastersconnection.com or by phone: 360-894-2077. link here

Q. Hal Williams, Amy Honey, or Jamie Honey have a new website with new ideas in playing cards: link here
"64 cards in one deck! No numbers or suits, only winning casino outcomes! Become the next casino master. Find out what your passion is. roulette, slot machines, dice, crap tables and more!"
From YouTube: link here

R. RSE INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER - September/ October | 2009, Vol. 5, Issue 9-10
link here
Ramtha's video message: link here

A. Should Thurston First Bank recuse themselves on City of Yelm loan?
B. City Council's Isom recommended to be more constructive
C. Yelm electronics recycling idea
D. Introducing Yelm's newest restaurant - Mariachi alegre Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
E. "Don't bail out newspapers - Let 'em die & get out of the way"
F. Yelm's own comic returned to area - Vanda
G. Smoking rate higher in Thurston County then State average
H. Michael Jackson documentary coming to Yelm Cinemas
I. Mayor touts spending $400,000 on 4 flushing toilets in park & concession stand - isn't rethinking necessary in these times? Come on here!
J. Yelm woman elected 2nd district Democrat Chair
K. Gleaning surplus feeds Thurston County hungry
link here

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."
Plato (428/427 BC[a] – 348/347 BC)
Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.
From Wikipedia: link here

And, in closing, I leave you with a laugh.
Rubber cement commercial is priceless:
link here

Then this:
"Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize
For achievements that first make people LAUGH
then make them THINK"
"At the 2009 ceremony, Public Health Prize winner Dr. Elena Bodnar demonstrates her invention — a brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of protective face masks, one for the brassiere wearer and one to be given to some needy bystander," from Improbable Research. link here

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Dear Readers;

Look for the next Korner, a double-issue on October 19th.

This 8 minute You-Rube video is very enlightening and a must-see for all. This speaks for itself:
link here

"Scientists believe that the fossilized remains, which were discovered in 1994 in Ethiopia and studied for years by an international team of researchers, support beliefs that humans and chimpanzees evolved separately from a common ancestor.

'This is not an ordinary fossil. It's not a chimp. It's not a human. It shows us what we used to be,' said project co-director Tim White, a paleontologist at the University of California, Berkeley," quoting CNN: link here

Video from MSNBC: link here

"Kevin Laue isn't supposed to be here, standing on the court practicing for his first season of Division I basketball.

Born without a left hand, the 6-foot-11 center from Pleasanton, Calif., is now a freshman at Manhattan College, having earned a scholarship to play for the Jaspers and a chance to live out the dream of anyone who has been told they couldn't play a sport they loved because of a physical defect.

When the Jaspers' season opens on Nov. 14, the question will not be whether Laue can dribble, pass, block, score or rebound, but whether his opponents will underestimate his skills," quoting FOX Sports. link here

"Dutch scientists have said they have mapped the full genetic sequence of a woman for the first time.

'It's the first woman in the world and the first European whose DNA sequence will be made public,' the researchers at Leiden University Medical Centre in the western Netherlands said in a statement.

'The DNA sequence and its analyses will be published soon, except for some private details,' it said.

'The sequencing of a woman allows a better understanding of the X-chromosome,' the gene thread associated with female characteristics, said Gert-Jan van Ommen, head of the team that carried out the study.

Four other genomes had been mapped previously, all of them men," quoting the AFP.
link here

And this from PhysOrg: link here

"The Institute for Systems Biology was chosen to receive nearly $8 million in federal funds for research into the genetic causes of cancer and potential targeted treatments.

A member of the Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network, ISB will analyze data gathered by research centers around the country with the goal of learning how environmental factors affect genes and cause cells to malfunction, leading to cancer. ISB will then use the knowledge to identify drug targets and therapeutic treatments. The principal investigator at ISB is Ilya Shmulevich.

The Research Network has initially focused on cancers of the brain, breast, kidney, lungs and ovaries. Part of ISB's role is to develop state-of-the-art software and other tools that assist researchers with processing and integrating data analysis.

The award is $7.88 million over five years, with $3.1 million of the funding approved so far, according to the National Institutes of Health. The project is jointly run by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), both under the NIH," quoting the Seattle Times. link here

"It is one of evolution's crowning achievements - a mini green power station and organic factory combined and the source of almost all of the energy that fuels every living thing on the planet.

Now scientists developing the next generation of clean power sources are working out how to copy, and ultimately improve upon, the humble leaf. The intricate chemistry involved in photosynthesis, the process where plants use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar, is the most effective solar energy conversion process on Earth. And researchers believe that mimicking parts of it could be the ticket to a limitless supply of clean power," quoting UK's Guardian.
link here

"Organized religion was already in trouble before the fall of 2008. Denominations were stagnating or shrinking, and congregations across faith groups were fretting about their finances.

The Great Recession made things worse.

It's further drained the financial resources of many congregations, seminaries and religious day schools. Some congregations have disappeared and schools have been closed. In areas hit hardest by the recession, worshippers have moved away to find jobs, leaving those who remain to minister to communities struggling with rising home foreclosures, unemployment and uncertainty.

Religion has a long history of drawing hope out of suffering, but there's little good news emerging from the recession. Long after the economy improves, the changes made today will have a profound effect on how people practice their faith, where they turn for help in times of stress and how they pass their beliefs to their children," quoting the AP.
link here

"Archaeologists on Tuesday [Sept. 28] unveiled what they think are the remains of Roman emperor Nero's extravagant banquet hall, a circular space that rotated day and night to imitate the Earth's movement and impress his guests. The room, part of Nero's Golden Palace, a sprawling residence built in the first century, is thought to have been built to entertain government officials and VIPs, said lead archaeologist Francoise Villedieu.
The emperor, known for his lavish and depraved lifestyle, ruled from 37 A.D. to 68 A.D.," quot9ing AOL News. link here

"A man using a metal detector in a rural English field has uncovered the largest Anglo-Saxon gold hoard ever found -- an "unprecedented" treasure that sheds new light on history, archaeologists said Thursday [Sept. 24].

The hoard includes 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of gold and 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) of silver. That is more than three times the amount of gold found at Sutton Hoo, one of Britain's most important Anglo-Saxon sites, said the local council in Staffordshire where the latest haul was found.

It's an "incredible collection of material -- absolutely unprecedented," said Kevin Leahy, an archaeologist with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a voluntary group that records finds made by members of the public," quoting CNN. link here

"Scientists have now levitated mice using magnetic fields.

Other researchers have made live frogs and grasshoppers float in mid-air before, but such research with mice, being closer biologically to humans, could help in studies to counteract bone loss due to reduced gravity over long spans of time, as might be expected in deep space missions or on the surfaces of other planets.

Scientists working on behalf of NASA built a device to simulate variable levels of gravity. It consists of a superconducting magnet that generates a field powerful enough to levitate the water inside living animals, with a space inside warm enough at room temperature and large enough at 2.6 inches wide (6.6 cm) for tiny creatures to float comfortably in during experiments," quoting LiveScience. link here

"The artful transformation of a statuesque barrack into the Walt Disney Family Museum shows it is possible to bring the most memorable buildings of San Francisco's Presidio into the 21st century...

The museum that opens Thursday is housed in one of a row of six red-brick barracks erected between 1895 and 1909. The others are empty and mostly have been that way since the U.S. Army handed off the Presidio's 1,421 acres to the National Park Service in 1994," quoting the San Francisco Chronicle. link here

Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco: link here

A. "PSE joins electric vehicle project"
From the Pierce County Business Examiner: link here

B. "Coal Ash: 130M Tons of Waste"
From CBS News 60 Minutes: link here

C. "Scott Pelley visits Kenya, the site of the great wildebeest migration, and looks at the threats to this natural spectacle comprised of over a million animals."
From CBS News 60 Minutes: link here

D. "How wave warnings work"
About the recent Samoa tsunami.
From MSNBC: link here

E. "Leaky dam causes flood worries in Seattle area"
From the AP: link here

F. "Australian town in 'world-first' bottled water ban"
From the AFP: link here

G. "163 new species found in Mekong"
From the AFP: link here

A. "CLIMATE CHANGE: Food Supply Hangs in the Balance"
From IPS: link here

B. "Kids of working moms less healthy, study says"
"British report finds these children watch more TV, eat more junk food"
From Reuters: link here

C. "Driving while black"
"Our view: Maryland's second-highest court should set sensible rules for resolving the long-running dispute over racial profiling by state police"
From the Baltimore Sun: link here

D. "Security Council Backs Advocate for Women in War Zones"
From the IPS: link here

E. "Economy forces some families to work, live apart"
From The Wichita Eagle: link here

F. "Best states for business"
"These states weren’t immune to recession, but companies can prosper"
"n the rankings of best states for business, Washington comes in second, coming in after Virginia. Washington also ranks in top four in the labor supply category, which is one of several factors used to compile this list," quoting Forbes.
link here

G. "Income gap widens as poor take hit in recession"
"Census: Income falls for all groups, but those at bottom feel worst effect"
From the AP: link here

H. "Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession anchored just east of Singapore
From UK's Daily Mail: link here

A. "Trial by Fire"
"Did Texas execute an innocent man?"
From the New Yorker: link here
Barry Scheck explains on MSNBC:
link here

B. "Federal Reserve Buys More Than 100% of Mortgages Issued in 2009"
From Chris Martenson: link here

C. "Unemployment Rate Is Highest in 26 Years"
From the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Truthout: link here

D. "A child wounded in the violence of the Middle East is finding peace in the Northwest. He has set out on a new path, but his journey is far from over. KING 5's Eric Wilkinson reports. link here

E. "Senators Seek Elimination of TeleCom Spying Immunity"
From Truthout: link here

F. "Remembering a "Very Human Life" Cut Short by Hatred"
From Truthout: link here

G. "FDIC expected to require banks to prepay fees"
"Agency needs more money for its shrinking deposit insurance account"
From the AP: link here

H. "It's Not Just About Waterboarding"
By Lt. Col. Barry Wingard in Truthout: link here

H. Michael Moore explains his new movie
On CNBC: link here

I. "Washington OKs mercury in swine flu vaccine"
Yikes! From KOMO-TV News 4, Seattle: link here

A. Ramtha in South Africa! Register today!
Event begins October 10th: link here

B. Enhance All Occasions with Butterflies from JZ Rose!
link here

C. Ramtha's Masked Costume Dance - October 31st, Yelm
link here

D. Bonham's & Butterfield's Auction House official Press Release on The JZ Knight Collection:
link here

E. Tune in to Renee Webb, host for the Women of the World program on the World Puja Network when she interviews Bettye Johnson in "Wise Beyond Years" October 13 - 12:30pm PDT/3:30pm EDT and 7:30pm PDT/10:30PDT. Thee interview will be archived. link here

F. CSE PE Announcement - We are pleased to announce that from our very own parent body, we welcome Coach Mitja, Coach Lars and Coach Jimmy to our Physical Education Team. Our students are thrilled!
link here

G. Here the September 22nd BTO interview with "Clif, creator of Adventures in Future Viewing AKA the Web Bot Project and the resulting ALTA 'asymetric language trend analysis' Reports:
link here

H. Fellow RSE student John Glennie recalled in 20th anniversary of sea survival!
"It was the story of the year: four men — John Glennie, Rick Hellreigel, Jim Nalepka and Phil Hofman — back from the dead after surviving a shipwreck, storms and starvation," from the New Zealand Herald last week. link here
link here

A. Climate change noted in South Sound
B. State Sen. Becker announces new online government guide
C. Wilcox Farms offers harvest tours
D. Forum Night features local candidate races - though no one from
E. Thurston County Commissioners get staff briefing on Yelm water issues
F. Potpourri stories of note
G. Incumbent County Commissioner Valenzuela holds Yelm Forum
H. Yelm City Council candidates demonstrate they have lots to learn about Yelm water issues
I. Yelm reports 5th airlift to Seattle's Harborview Hospital this week
J. Thurston Highlands trustee bank has 20% in unpaid loans - YIKES!
link here

"Cowardice is seeing what is right, and failing to do it."
Copernicus (1473-1543)
"first astronomer to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology, which displaced the Earth from the center of the universe."
From Wikipedia: link here

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